An online community swap shop

  • Earn money by selling your gently worn, pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Update your wardrobe at a fraction of the cost by buying gently worn, pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Designer / Artists can sell their hand made creations online
  • It’s environmentally friendly, 
by not buying new clothes all the time, you help reduce the carbon footprint 
and waste the fashion industry is responsible for
  • It’s safe, and hassle free, and 
all from the comfort of your home

How to Sell?

  • Register your free account.
  • Photograph and upload your items. We will charge 1o% commission on any items sold
  • You will be notified when an item has been sold.
  • The sold items can be dropped off at our offices for collection by the buyer
  • The items will only be released to the buyer once fully paid for
  • You can manage your account and notify us when to be paid, either after each sale, or periodically or you could even use some of the money as a credit to purchase new pre-loved items

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How to Buy?

  • Register your free account
  • Add items to your cart
  • Checkout and securely pay via EFT
  • Arrange to collect your goods at our office
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